Kids playing football


All Students Are Important

We need to ensure programming for all students.

  • Currently below grade level
  • Above grade level (ELP, AP classes)
  • Learning disabilities
  • Physical disabilities
  • ESL barriers


Plan for the Future without Sacrificing the Present

We need to plan for expected growth while putting forth effort into schools who are struggling with their current conditions.

  • Overcrowding
  • Too few resources for teachers to effectively address the specific needs of their student populations
  • Passage of the bond will help ensure the district gets all that it needs
  • Look for steps we can take now to help mitigate future shortfalls so we don’t have a dozen incomplete projects


Keyword: Community

We forget that we are one community-- the Iowa City Community School District--struggling on a larger scale to ensure what's best for our kids. 

  • Our community must fight against cuts to education funding and must be vigilant in finding solutions. 
  • As funding dwindles, we must look for new ways to operate to make the best use of the funds we do have. 
  • How do we make the schools run efficiently while still offering the top notch educational experience we have grown accustomed to?

Collaboration between all board members can get the job done.

  • Calm, rational discussion is vital to moving forward
  • Effective communication is only accomplished when it goes both ways
    • Board member to Board member
    • Community to Board and Board to Community
    • Board to Administration and Administration to Board
  • Providing more transparency into the Board’s decision-making process will help parents and teachers understand the Board's decisions even if they don’t agree with them

We are losing ground on state and nationwide scales because of in-fighting within our own district. We must be one community.


Decisive and Timely Actions

Follow the process we have set out: Seek public input, discuss the issue, and vote.

  • Have an agenda and stick to it
  • Don’t continue to table discussions to put off the decision

Don’t let “perfect” get in the way of really good.

  • There is no perfect solution
  • Weigh the pros and cons: Which plan holds the most positive benefits? Which plan has the least negative impact?

Stand by decisions, but be able to admit when the decision was wrong and move forward. Spending too much time concocting the perfect Plan A leaves little time for enacting the plan, and even less time for switching to Plan B when needed.


Provide a Welcoming and Stable Community

We must stem the tide of parents opting to take their children out of our district.

  • People have left our community because of what they perceive to be poor decision making and inaction

We are a growing community but we can't lose sight of the individuals and just see groups. 

  • We need to make sure everyone feels they belong and are being considered in every decision
  • The individual schools and the the staff and PTO/PTA of those schools must take the lead
  • The board defines the culture of the district; if it isn’t a welcoming inclusive environment, the entire district will fall short of expectations