How do you fix a two party system? Throw another party.

I am so excited about the construction of the new Liberty High School.  I am excited for all the reasons you think I would be.  I have a son who will be starting High School in the fall of 2017.  He is slated to start at this brand new amazing facility.  It’s close to home.  It will allow for greater opportunities for the students to join sports teams, vocal and instrumental music groups and even academic programming.

The less obvious reason that I am excited about this opening is that I think it will be the best thing to happen to our community in a very long time.  With the current balance of two comprehensive High Schools in our district, a bipartisan atmosphere has been created.  I initially wanted to use the Hatfields and McCoys as a metaphor, but I thought that was a little too harsh.  Since we are all one community and I really just like pop culture references, let’s go with Family Feud.  You have one team vs. another team.  While that can be a good healthy rivalry when you are talking about sports teams, it doesn’t work as well when you are talking academics or music or almost any other arena. 

With a third comprehensive high school added to the mix, we can start to change that attitude.  You can go with whatever metaphor you choose here; three sides to a triangle-each one holding the shape together or a three-legged stool- if one falls, the whole thing goes down.  I told you I like pop culture so I am going to go with The Three Amigos.  See, it even has the word friends right in the title.

Working together as a community we can ensure that students at all three locations can have access to all of the programs that they need to be successful.  Learning from each other and sharing strengths is what will help our students grow in all areas.  I am looking forward to this great opportunity for our kids as well as the chance for the whole area to truly embrace the Community part of the ICCSD.